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Adopt the “Low Cost Attitude” to create your next TV advertising. Making your TV campaigns affordable and efficient is the mission nº1 of TVLowCost by The Doctor Factory
19 mayo 2008, 16:41
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Why « democratising » television advertising is a top priority for brands everywhere in the world ?

Because TV it is the most efficient medium.

It is television that makes certain brands world famous, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsico, l’Oréal or the products from Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Henkel, …  Television is the perfect impact medium. In 2008 television is watched by the general public all over the world on an  average of more than 3h30 everyday

73% of our free time is spent watching television ! In just a few days a brand can be shown to millions of potential clients.  Early in the morning or even in the middle of the night or at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, there are hundreds of thousands of viewers watching TV programs.  To apply « Low Cost » to television advertising is to democratise it and make it available to all advertisers who need it to build their reputation and boost their sales to defend their position in the market.
The « TVLowCost All-included Packs » : a Revolution that meets the needs of advertisers everywhere.

For 250 000 €, 100 000 € or 200 000 £, according to the countries where we are established, TVLowCost agencies allow advertisers to broadcast a minimum 100 TV commercials on national televisions contacting millions of consumers with high level of repetition !  Knowing that usually this is just the cost of producing the ad .

Let me give you an example : in 2008 the average budget to produce a TV spot in France is 250 000 €. 250 000 € is also the cost of 3 TV spots of 30 seconds at 8 o’clock PM in the evening on the main channels in the different markets.… Compare for yourself : ask to your HIGH COST agency how much it would cost to produce and broadcast an advertising campaign in comparable conditions…

Is low cost Tv a cheap and low quality TV advertising ?

The spots proposed by TVLowCost are real television commercials, it has nothing to do with “home shopping spots” or certain cheap TV commercials that can be found on cable television channels.  There is no worry either of ‘outdated’ advertising messages which could be dangerous for the brand image. 

Our TV commercials are shot by very demanding and experienced directors.  The “TVLowCost All-included packs” have demonstrated in every market the efficiency of short formats, such as 12, 10 or even 8 seconds. Is a 10 or 8 second TV spot too short ?  Not that short : at a normal pace of 3 words a second you can say between 24 to 30 words.  Whereas billboards work with only four or five words.

A 8 or 10 second spot will “get to the point”, it is a guarantee to concentrate on the essential, the famous « USP” Unique Selling Proposition ». Short means less expensive and more television commercials broadcasted, thus the brand has more possibilities to repeat its message to the consumers. Never forget that …


The ideal solution for challengers or secondary brands belonging to global companies. TVLowCost « democratises » TV advertising by giving access to the “king of the medias” to advertisers who do not have huge marketing budgets. 

2 types of advertisers are particularly concerned : small businesses and challenger brands who need television to “boost” their consumer demand otherwise they risk to be « ejected » from the retailers.  And large global groups who cannot support each of their local brands with large media expenditures.  Instead of focussing exclusively on promotion to support their secondary brands, they can keep up their brand awareness and top of mind presence thanks to TV. 

Nowadays, all over the world, many advertisers have to reduce their advertising budget to “absorb the shock” of the dropping prices. With TVLowCost, these brands are able to continue their appearances on television.

By reducing the necessary budgets to go on TV drastically (by 4 to 5 times what advertisers usually pay), TVLowCost offers a credible solution for thousands of advertisers exhausted by the relationship with their traditional HIGH COST ad agencies!


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