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Reality TV show about Americans traveling abroad for treatment to be launched by Aléxia Herms

Planet TV

(Dubai Health & News) Merv Griffin Entertainment, Inc. is working with medical tourism company PlanetHospital to produce a televised reality-style series about American traveling abroad for treatment.

The series will follow patients faced with desperate medical needs as they travel to exotic countries in search of healthcare that they either cannot afford or cannot obtain in the United States. The patients will be followed through the various stages of their journey, including their initial research, arrival in a foreign country and visitation of doctors and facilities where they might be treated. Additionally, the series will capture each patient’s evolving relationships with their loved ones and how these interactions are affected by their journey.

“Stories that have always worked in reality programming are fish out of water scenarios, wish fulfillment and real-life dramatic stakes. Without even having to roll cameras, PlanetHospital and the medical tourism industry encompass all three,” states Roy J. Bank, President, Merv Griffin Entertainment. “When I first learned of PlanetHospital and the amazing work they do, I knew instantly it would make powerful and relevant television and can’t wait to bring these stories to audiences across the country.”

“This series will both entertain and inspire those with medical needs with a whole new world of options of safe, affordable and high quality facilities” adds Rudy Rupak, executive producer and President of US-based PlanetHospital.

Merv Griffin Entertainment, Inc. is the television and film production arm of the late entertainment icon’s umbrella organization, The Griffin Group. The company is responsible for some of the most successful syndicated game shows in television history including “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy.”


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