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Marketing Ideas for Senior Care by Aléxia Herms

Laura Acevedo

Senior care is a specialized market that requires a combination of medical attention, compassionate care and assisted living. Whether you offer adult day care, long term care, or hospice services, marketing your senior care services is critical to maintaining high patient levels and profits. The best marketing tactics for senior care involve providing outstanding care and service options that will lead to increased referrals and facility visibility among medical personnel.

Target Family Members

  1. Target family members, especially the adult children of senior adults. Place advertisements in the health section of your local paper and create a website with localized information and helpful senior care advice. Since family members may make the decision regarding senior care for their elderly relatives, it is important for them to review your services. Offer tours that highlight activities and a positive environment. Reduce the anxiety and worry that family members may feel with placing their loved one in senior care through a well-run, activity-oriented facility that provides visibly compassionate care.

Patient Communication Options

  1. Provide multiple communication options for family members about their loved one’s care. Offer daily emails, weekly progress reports and the ability to call-in and discuss the patient. This extra level of communication will set your senior care services apart from competitors and will provide extra piece of mind that many adult children want for their parents in senior care.


  1. Offer comprehensive services like counseling services, treatment transportation, physical therapy, water therapy, alternative therapies and even nutritionists. This comprehensive approach will lead patients to focus their medical dollars in your facility and will assist family members who will not need to rearrange their schedule to transport their loved one to numerous medical appointments and services. As an added bonus, you can provide a higher level of service to your patients who may benefit from services they are unable to obtain due to logistical constraints.

 Senior Specific Medical Services

  1. Specialize in providing in-depth senior focused care. Offer a monthly review of medications to prevent harmful drug interactions, maximize medical benefits, and adjust dosages based on condition changes. Have a gerontologist on-call, or that routinely monitors patients’ conditions. This attention to senior specific medical concerns will have customers flocking to your services and may allow you to price your services higher than your competitors.


  1. Many times patients will choose a service provider based on the acceptance of their insurance plan. Accept as many insurance plans as possible and dedicate staff to maximizing each patient’s financial benefits. This attention to the financial aspect of patient care will gain the respect of families who will refer your services to other potential patients. Additionally, by maximizing a patient’s insurance benefits, your facilities can also increase revenue.

Doctors Offices

  1. Work with doctor’s offices that are commonly used by the elderly. Provide information about your services and pamphlets that doctors can use when discussing senior care options with patients and family members. Since doctors are a prime source for senior care referrals, keep your facility on their mind through routine correspondence with helpful information and holiday gifts.

Facility Connections

  1. Connect with other facilities offering senior care at different levels. Many seniors need different levels of care as their condition improves or progresses. Connect with other service providers to make senior care facility transitions as easy as possible. These connections will provide helpful referrals and will increase patient services.

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