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HKS Designs Children’s Zone for Denver Health by The Doctor Factory
Healthcaredesignmagazine – Chris Gaerig, Online Editor


 The Troy Aikman Foundation, Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation, and Hasbro joined forces to create the latest Zone children’s play area at the Denver Health children’s hospital in Denver, Colorado.

Designed by HKS, Inc., the Zone will provide a new identity to the campus, while serving as a beacon for the children’s hospital entry. Encompassing three separate and distinct spaces, the 4,000-square-foot Zone will include a multi-use space on the first floor and a large children’s area on the second floor, as well as a family resource center and large theater.

“The Zone is designated a safe, ‘no doctors allowed’ space where kids can be just kids—not sick kids,” said Rex Carpenter, AIA, LEED AP, project manager with HKS.

The family resource space will be a two-story round tower filled with information for anyone concerned about children’s health issues. The first floor will include a multi-use area that can be a theater on movie night or a sports suite to watch the Denver Broncos. The latest sound board technology will allow activities to be recorded and played back through the hospital’s TV network.

The second floor, the Zone active play area, features a large, multi-use space with a over-sized Scrabble board and other Hasbro-donated activities. Also included is a quiet reading space and kitchen. A new playground allows kids to go outside in a safe and secure place and encounter additional opportunities to just play.

The project, which opens in April 2010, will coincide with hospital’s 100-year anniversary.


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