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European Medical Travel Conference 2010 Draws Widespread Participation by The Doctor Factory

EMTC 2010 Press Release

The largest international congress focused upon “Health Tourism and Cross Border Healthcare” in Europe will take place for the third consecutive time at the Congress Centre of Park Hotel Villa Fiorita, May 5‐7, 2010 ( Based upon a new organizational partnership between Health Care Strategy Intl. Munich and Sogedin S.p.A. Italy, the “European Medical Travel Conference 2010” leverages the patronage and cooperation of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism of the region of Veneto.

“The location of this event is Monastier di Treviso, in the immediate vicinity of Venice, and is expected to draw about 350 to 450 participants from all over the world ‐‐ especially from Europe, Italy and the United States,” notes Dr. Uwe Klein, chairman of the event. “The Conference is a platform for physicians, hospitals, hotels, tourism agencies, patient services, IT services, associations, organizations in the field of medical tourism, WHO and EU bodies, as well as ministries of health and representatives of the tourism sector worldwide. A detailed overview of all anticipated attendees, speakers and other information is available on the Web site.” A roster of speakers from all parts of the world ‐‐ decision makers and top‐class experts in their respective fields ‐‐ have already confirmed their participation. Presentations will address:

–       Transatlantic Medical Travel: American insurance and intermediating companies are seeking contractual partners in Europe for cooperation in both directions, legal aspects and solutions, quality of providers and services.

–       Liberalization of Patient Mobility: The EU progresses chronologically and is closely intermeshed with the actual, rapidly developing market situation. The Conference brings together content owners and decision makers of European, cross‐border possibilities of treatment. The topic of patient security is a key focus, while providers ‐‐ in cooperation with insurance companies and patient organizations ‐‐ are the drivers for progress.

–       Large Insurance Companies, such as AOK and Techniker KK, are adapting their portfolios in medical care to meet European and regional demands. The region of Veneto is playing an outstanding part in this process. The central topics are opportunities and challenges of cross‐border medical care from the perspective of cost advantages, patient orientation and especially patient security.

–       Classical Home Countries of Health Tourists such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and UAE are changing their strategies for choosing institutions of medical care and are concurrently reducing public expenses on the patient stream to foreign countries. The requirements of patient security, cost transparency and service orientation have increased significantly, as well.

–       The Cruise Ship Medical Tourism option is on the brink of breakthroughs in market requirements. In particular, the Mediterranean Sea is demanding more offers from “sea‐based healthcare” in cooperation with “land‐based healthcare,” especially for medical wellness and elective medicine. A special workshop with further learning character (acquisition of a certificate) will be offered on thesubject of “Maritime Medicine.” Doctors interested in this new opportunity can apply for interviews to be appointed on a c ruise ship mission directly with decision makers during the congress.

The two‐day event also includes a Welcome Reception for informal get‐to‐know meetings, keynote lectures, thematically oriented workshops, panel discussions, organized B2B meetings, a Gala Dinner and the potential for excursions. Service providers have the opportunity of booking a booth within the framework of an

industrial exhibition. Casa di Cura San Giovanni XXIII is an international hospital, in connection to the hotel and the congress area. A visit is highly recommended


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