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2011 new year’s resolutions for your health by The Doctor Factory

Of course you are thinking now of your New Year’s Resolutions as you prepare for saying goodbye tonight to 2010…

Which bad habits are you dying to give up?  Which good habits are you wishing to cultivate?  Is there a world you have yet to explore that seems to be calling you, and you feel up to this point, the last person to try it?

This is the time to start…

Why not start with some general ideas such as a small plan:

Meditate every morning in a quiet, silent space (even for as little as 10 minutes).  Each day can be a new day.  Don’t criticize yourself.  Just be happy to be you and see where your mind and spirit take you.

Tap into your creativity that is unique to you.  This is the key to overall wellness.

Find a form of physical activity every day, whether it be a brisk 30 minute walk in nature, a 90 minute warm yoga class, or a 4 hour mountain bike ride.  Decide what you will do, and plan your day around it. Put yourself on your calendar as an important meeting.

Drink more water. Whenever you think of it, go fill up your glass. If this is challenging for you, even wear a water bottle on a string around your neck the first day 🙂  Keep water at all times with you in your car, by your bed, next to your computer, etc.  Make it a way of life.

Eat more greens!

Manifest your dreams. Each day, take the time to remember your heart.

That’s a quick list to start you off to a new year of better health.  Find a better you.

Happy New Year!


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